Getting Ready for that Home Inspection

Home Buyer’s most always ask for a Home Inspection as part of the Buying Process.
Inspections typically take about an hour for a condo or 2-3 for a single family home.
We would like to share the Top items that inspectors often find and cite as issues in their reports:

1) Dirty Furnace Filter. Replace it the day before the inspection.
2) Smoke detectors not working.
3) Oven missing an “Anti-Tip” Bracket
4) Dishwasher missing a “High-Loop”
5) Loose electrical wire on bottom of garbage disposal (the power cord should be secured)
6) Electrical Panel not labeled
7) Electric Panel with mismatched breakers (different brands)
8) Sink/Bathtub stoppers missing or not working
9) Dripping sink faucets; leaking pipes under sinks
10) Loose toilets (they are not secured properly to the floor)
11) Slow drains of sink / shower / tub
12) Missing grout / caulk around tub or shower (suggest a quick re-caulk)
13) Electrical outlets not grounded or wired improperly or GFCI outlets not functioning
14) Missing handrails (inside or out) – more than 2 steps require a handrail
15) HVAC system not heating or cooling properly
16) Doors or windows not shutting or locking properly
17) Missing weather-stripping on exterior doors
18) Dirty Gutters
19) Downspouts not properly draining water away from home foundation

These are of course just a few of the items that an inspector may find. Don’t try to repair anything you are not comfortable with doing yourself.

We also always recommend having your HVAC system serviced before the inspection when possible.

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